Family Software


Horoscopes - Date Selection - Feng Shui

for the students of

Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

This site is dedicated to the students of
Grand Master Chan Kun Wah
 who are interested in the Family Software by
Andreas Walter Schoening (Dasha).

If you happened to stumble upon this site and are NOT such a student,
please visit the following site to learn more about Feng Shui, Chinese Horoscopes and Grand Master Chan:

The development of this software is undertaken with kind permission and support by Grand Master Chan. Part of the income from the sales of this software goes as donation to the Chue Foundation (www.chuechanfengshui.org).

Please note that this software is under continuous development - since 2003.
So please contact the author for latest news,
should you miss something you were looking for.

The new name of the software is
Lucky 8 Energy
for the lucky 8 signs in the Pillars of Destiny
and the lucky 8 directions in Feng Shui.

Please follow the link to the new site
 to read more and see screenshots.

Please note that you need Microsoft Windows and
Microsoft Excel (version 2003 or later)
to run any part of the Family Software.

Also please note, that the software assumes that you as the user are familiar with all the basic knowledge needed to make successful use of the information displayed by the software.
Use of the software can help to enhance your understanding, but it is NOT meant to substitute teaching by one of the authorized teachers.
Please contact www.masterkwchan.com for more information on professional training in the subjects contained in the software.

The author of these tools thanks Grand Master Chan for his permission to undertake this project, and also thanks all his teachers and especially
Grand Master Chan for what he could learn from them.